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Aqua Therapy Brand is one of Muhtaseb Cosmetics Factory Brands. Established in 2001 it has grown over the years, leading our products in the international domain. Over the years, we have cracked the formula with our talented scientists and cosmetic experts for a Glowing Skin using natural ingredients. Our qualified scientists discovered the primary ingredients from the Dead Sea at Jordan. We believe in the importance of conserving nature. Including natural ingredients without harmful and toxic chemicals that affect your body. Therefore, our collection of products includes carefully engineered products with natural ingredients.

Ancient civilizations have harnessed the Dead Sea’s secret. So people in the olden days had spotless skin and striking features. We have harnessed the long-lost knowledge of its properties. We incorporate these ingredients and formulate skincare products like body lotion, soaps, cleansers, and many more. Also, we have Prepared Relaxing Products like massage oils and bath salts.

We acknowledge that the fast-life and all the ‘busy-ness’ takes a toll on you and drains your energy out. Giving you no time to take care of yourself or book a spa appointment. We deliver our products straight to your home. You can use it whenever you feel the need to relax and hibernate. Aqua Therapy will help you recharge and recover from a stressful environment. Making you feel light and improving your work efficiency. We assure you that using our products will help you feel paradise here on earth.

Against Animal Testing


3 Years shelf life

Recyclable Packaging

Why should you consider Aqua Therapy?

Safe on your skin

It Leaves No Doubt About Your Health.

Natural Ingredients

It is a blend of Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Natural Ingredients and Essential oils.

skin natural beauty

Brings to light the inner and natural beauty of skin

Skin Care

Nourishes and Calms distressed skin cells.

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You might wonder what makes the Dead Sea such an important part of our Aqua Therapy products?

The Dead Sea at Jordan is the lowest point in the world. It is geologically inert, i.e., blocked out from foreign water sources that host freshwater. It makes the Dead Sea one of the important hypersaline lakes in the world. Therefore the water is so salty that the buoyancy will allow you to float easily. Salt is one of the most effective natural preservatives with other therapeutic benefits. So, salt acts as an anti-aging substance. It reverses the aging process on our skin and soothes chronic ailments. Apart from this, the sea is locked from other water bodies. The sea has accumulated minerals with healing properties. It was an excellent healing alternative in ancient times.

Many tourists visit the Dead Sea to witness the floating sensation. They apply the natural mud to their bodies. But, unfortunately, not all have the time or the money to invest in visiting the Dead Sea just for the healing benefits every day. But however, on the other hand, we have made sure that with our products, people who don’t have access to the Dead Sea every day will benefit from our collections. Which have the main pure ingredients obtained from the Dead Sea. The range of products that we offer includes Moisturizers, Scrubs, Masks, and many more.

Fun fact: “Towels or any clothing item when soaked in the Dead Sea water gets petrified after a few hours.”

About our Environment-friendly policies

The Environment needs our help. We truly believe in reforming our policies of handling, manufacturing, and packaging products with the utmost care. Making it beneficial for the environment. For this reason, we use packaging materials that are recyclable and that are eco-friendly. We are also against animal cruelty and the horrors the poor souls go through while testing products. Therefore we offer non-animal tested and paraben-free products.

The important attribute that makes us stand out from our competitors is our ability to engineer eco-friendly products and leave a minimal carbon footprint. Every product undergoes panel testing that gets approved if it meets the pharmaceutical standards. Around 98% of the ingredients used in the product are natural with 100% plant water. Most importantly we guarantee that our products do not incorporate hazardous chemicals (0%). Therefore our products also follow sustainable standards. Which helps us achieve our part in doing our best to conserve nature and our environment.


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